Quitting Smoking

It’s an odd thing to do. I wouldn’t advise it for ones genral state of mind and boredom levels.

But I have more energy now. Some moments are harder than others. I am more ecologicaly

friendly now. My circulation should improve (but I doubt it).

Most importanlty I have more squall (£)






What do we think of sundays?

Kat: Sundays are for smoking, reading and eating sugary snacks

Jess: Day of periods

Kat: Some people have parties on Sundays, but they are stupid

Jess: What’s the point in geting dressed on a sunday.

Anything you need to get dressed on a sunday for is not worth doing…

Who agrees?

Dear love best beloved bloggers, Kat and Jess xxx


How Lord Methuen divided his land and title between his two nephews and left it for them to decide who was to have what.

The first son said;
I’ll take the name
And not the land
For one is honor
and one is sand

The second son said;
I’ll take the land
And not the name
One is bread
And one is shame

This site upsets me for the lonely people anyway, but the V-day ones are extra snuffly.


V-Day and Periods

Ah, yes the lesson of barnacles. We’re doing Measure for Measure now, which is about sex. It’s not half as fun as WW1 lit. which was about death.

We do have subjects other English. I belive.

We have a dear, gay friend. I felt ill so he took me back to his and gave me pizza and

diet coke.

We watched some TV. It was alright. He likes music channels, I like National


Anyhow, an advert for scented sani.pads. came on.

Him: You should get them Kyat.

I: Whyfore?

Him: So you’re minge doesn’t smell like rotten period blood.

I: Ta, babes.

Him: Why don’t they just say that? Buy these so you’re vag doesn’t smell like

moudly blood?
I was eating pizza at

the time. Yummy. I think he was trying to tell me I have

a problem. Thing is,

I am period free atm.  LOL. I guess.


I don’t like V-day either. Firstly beacuse I can’t spell it and secondly it means I have to do things.

So far I’ve booked a

resturant, sewn a rabbit and I have to make a card. Have you ever made a card?

It sucks.

The moral is that if you find you’re self in a gay realtionship, be the girl.

Boys like to talk about MouldyVagBeGon(Tm) and have to talk to resturant people.

Love and kisses


(Comeri$li$sm sucks, bl00d.  Buy roses on the 6th of August or such)

Valentines Day

Hmm, valentines day eh?

i dont know if Kat feels the same, she’s at school..
I’m trying to write my coursework today and everywhere you look online, its valentines day this valentines day that, EVERYWHERE! its really rather irritating.

It’s like our “desecrated old witch” of an english teacher says (the one who’s a failed author), “whats the point?”, RANDOM ACT OS KINDNESS is the way.. apparently. But, to be fair she’s the one that shouts “BARNACLES!!” everytime she needs a sandwich…but just because she has low blood sugar it doesn’t mean her opinion doesnt count…does it?:S

she’s also divorced and doesnt buy brithday presents for her daughter, but thats another story.

But i do think she has the right idea…She beleives christmas teaches one the cost of eveything and the value of nothing… which is very true
”I’m not a hero-worshipper but i’d follow her to the end of the earth”. Ref. (variation on)see ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’, T.E Lawrence, (penguin modern classics)

Oh we do love those penguins…

Back to this valentine stuff,
im celibate anyway so perhaps im biased…

Lots of love
Jess x x
A.K.A. Wilfie

Oh Dahlings we are on very intimate terms with the gay war poets

Kyat is Sassy – she is in the lesson of the barnacles right now


 – Friends, romans, countrymen. The Socail Structure of a 6form is more complicated than anything you will learn in your Alevel classes.  We’re sat in the common room having done an essay on Wordsworth (That makes us sound well smart, but trust, we anit).

 People don’t like to come to English. It can be dull, they make you write shit and those books are easy to lose. And there’s no penalty for not going. Not really.

 So why go?

Beacuse the teachers are fucking hialrious! Old, desicated witches who have seen everything, done everything and have more brains than any of their classes put togeather. They’re stuck in some school teaching the same shit year after year, to dullards.  Ones a failed author, the others just a nut.

They like to have some company. They like the sound of their own voices, but it’s much nicer to talk to people, even 6formers, than an empty room. And they’re pretty good company themselves, what will all their pre-Thatcher knowledge and junk.

So why not go? Beacuse you’re too cool for school and think you’re future, like everything else will be taken care of by someone else. Nein, comrade! If you want to get out of surburan, lowermiddle class purgorty you need to make some effort. The only other way is down. It’s not a joke.

 You will end up stacking shelves.

 Grand then. Do a few little essays and read a few little books. Show intrest in your teachers. All that jazz. It might not be cool but my income will be. Plus, it means at least another three years before I have to enter the REAL WORLD.

That said, I’m not going to History today for shit. It’s a waste of time.

Hugs and kisses dahrling!